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Level 1 – Introduction to Card Magic

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Our first course is aimed at those new to, or just beginning their journey with cards. It focuses on the foundations.

Rather than just repeat content already out there in resources such as the excellent Card College and Royal Road, Eddie has developed a curriculum that is designed with developing a strong foundation for the next stages of your card magic career in mind. He’s uncovered a few special tips and tricks from his extensive library to share with you too.

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Preview: Dribbling the Cards
Week 1 – Handling the Deck Teaching
Week 2 - Handling the Deck Discussion and Review
Week 3 – In the Hands Teaching
Week 4 - In the Hands Discussion and Workshop
Bonus Theory Class
Week 5 – On the Table
Lesson Content
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Week 6 - On the Table Discussion and Workshop
Half Way Challenge
Week 7 – The Double Lift
Lesson Content
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Week 8 - The Double Lift Discussion and Workshop
Week 9 – Controls
Week 10 - Controls Discussion and Workshop
Week 11 – Gimmicks
End of Course Challenge
Week 12 - Review