Learn close up card magic

Develop your close up card magic with classes with Eddie McColl, one of Scotland’s leading close up magicians and sleight of hand expert.

Live Classes

Limited to 16 people, each weekly class is designed to ensure you are able to get quality teaching.

Discussion Forum

The student portal encourages you discuss with each other and give honest feedback on progress.

Focus Videos

After each live class, focus videos on the content will be available to enable effect study and practice.

Level 1 Course

Our first course is aimed at those new to, or just beginning their journey with cards. It focuses on the foundations.

Rather than just repeat content already out there in resources such as the excellent Card College and Royal Road, Eddie has developed a curriculum that is designed with developing a strong foundation for the next stages of your card magic career in mind. He’s uncovered a few special tips and tricks from his extensive library to share with you too.

Lesson One
Handling the Deck

Let’s start at the beginning with how to handle a deck of cards. In this lesson you will learn various grips, fanning the cards, spreading the cards both in the hands and on the table, jogging the cards and, breaking in a deck.

You’ll also learn a great effect that requires no sleight of hand so you can start learning how to create good magic from the very start.

Lesson Two
In the Hands

Card magic exists in two worlds. In your hands and on the table. And each have different skills required. Lesson two focuses on in the hands skills such as the overhand shuffle and the butt shuffle, card controls such as running and jogging cards, and various in the hands cuts.

You’ll learn an effect you can do anywhere without a table and even with a borrowed deck of cards.

Lesson Three
On the Table

So now you’re comfortable with a deck of cards its time to start increasing the complexity. This lesson will focus on the table riffle shuffle and controlling cards through this shuffle. You’ll also learn about shuffles seen in the casino such as washing the cards and strip cuts.

A mainstay of magic, this lesson will teach you a version of the Triumph and build on what you have learned so far.

Lesson Four
The Double Lift

The double lift is one of the most versatile and powerful sleights in magic and deserves a whole lesson to itself.

Eddie will cover several methods for achieving a double lift and will provide various finesses to ensure both a smooth and confident handling of the double.

To put this into practice you’ll learn an impossible two card transposition effect.

Lesson Five

Being able to control one or multiple cards during an effect is one of the most important skills in magic. Having several ways to do this enables you to add variation to your magic as well as be ready for several unexpected situations. Be prepared.

This lesson will teach you several common controls as well as one or two relatively unknown ones that Eddie has found in his library.

Lesson Six

At the right time and place, a gimmicked deck can be one of the most powerful tools in a magicians arsenal. Eddie will cover several common types of gimmicked deck, some effects using each one, and even one or two ways to bring the deck into play at the right moment.

Gimmicks are not an excuse for poor technique, but when combined they can create something even more impossible!

Format Overview

All of our courses are designed with the student in mind.

12 Live Classes

The course is 12 weeks long alternating between teaching and workshop classes. Over the course you will learn over 12 effects to start using immediately.

Live Classes via Zoom

The classes will take place weekly with recordings made available via the student portal after each session. They are interactive so you take part.

Interactive Teaching

Classes are limited to 16 students so that every student has the chance to ask questions and get feedback on their progress.

Student Portal

You will have access to a discussion forum where you can post videos and ask questions and both the tutors and students can give feedback and answers.

Assignments and Practice

To get the most value out of the course you will be given assignments of both practice and research which extend beyond the in-class material.

Focus Videos

In addition to the teaching in class, each sleight will have its own dedicate focus video for you to refer to after class to help finesse your learning.

Meet the Tutors

Eddie has partnered with his producer to bring a great course with two different approaches to magic combined. Eddie will deliver the bulk of the teaching with Jack providing additional guidance material and support in the focus videos, workshops and feedback sessions.

Eddie McColl

Eddie has over 40 years experience performing magic, specialising in card over the past 25 years. He is known internationally as one of the most skilled and smoothest card handlers.

Jack Talbot

Jack has been performing card magic and storytelling for over 15 years and has produced several critically acclaimed one-man shows. He is known for his refinement and simplicity of magic.

Starting 3rd July 2021
at 1600bst

12 LIVE Online Classes


Access to our Student Portal for discussion and sharing with class mates

Assignments and Practice Drills to help you develop between classes

Feedback on progress from Eddie and Jack

Small class size so you can access Personal Learning

In depth Focus Videos to support your learning outside of class

You will receive Lifetime Access to content that you can download and keep.

All for just £225.00

That’s less than £20 a class.

Register now to avoid missing out on your place in the level 1 course.

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What time will each class be?

Each class will take place at 4pm BST on Saturday afternoon, starting from the 3rd of July. Recordings of the class will go live later that evening.

Time zone conversion:

  • Los Angeles, USA Sat, 3 Jul 2021 at 08:00 PDT
  • New York, USA Sat, 3 Jul 2021 at 11:00 EDT
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom Sat, 3 Jul 2021 at 16:00 BST
  • Beijing, China Sat, 3 Jul 2021 at 23:00 CST
  • Sydney, Australia Sun, 4 Jul 2021 at 01:00 AEST
How long are the classes

The classes run on a bi-weekly schedule. The first week on each topic will be a 2 hour class focuses on the bulk of the teaching material for that topic. The second week will be a progress update week where you can show your progress, ask questions and get feedback on your practice.

How are the classes delivered?

The live classes will be hosted via zoom – you will receive details on how to access each class once you have registered. You will need a free zoom account with the same email as your registration to access the class. If you have any trouble joining a class please contact us.

How much time should I dedicate to practice each day?

The drills we design will vary per topic and you can design your own custom drill that suits your own schedule and focus for each lesson. The ones we put together are intended to be a few minutes long that you can repeat when you have time. 

We would advise that you keep a deck of cards with you and whenever you have a few moments to go through your drills where you can. Both Eddie and Jack tend to keep a deck of cards with them at all times so they can practice both actively (something new I’m trying to get down) and passively (repeating older drills to keep moves fresh) whenever they have a spare moment. 

Given the amount of content to cover, if you can dedicate 30-40 minutes across the day to practice you’ll see huge improvements over the 12 weeks. If you can only afford 15 minutes a day, that’s fine.

Do I need to attend every class?

To get the most value out of the course we would recommend attending every class live. However, if you are unable to make a week due to other commitments each class will be recorded and made available through the portal. And you will be able to ask any questions you have through the discussion forum.

Will the content be downloadable?

You will always have access to the content of your course. The portal will remain live and accessible to you after the course is completed. Should we ever decide to take the site down for whatever reason, we will notify you beforehand so you can download the content to keep.

Courses will have over 36 hours of video content once class recordings are made available, so we will not allow downloading of the content during the course period (the initial 12 weeks). However after this you will be able to download the videos should you wish.

How is this different from Royal Road, Card College or Expert Card Technique etc.?

Eddie and Jack have spent several months developing the content of the course, focusing on giving you a good foundation in magic and ensuring that you have the best tools available to you. During development we made sure to seek out tips, techniques and moves from various sources to ensure a broad range of content that is both modern and unique.

Mainly, this class is live teaching. It’s not a series of videos you watch at “your own pace” etc. like many online courses. This is a 12 week course with Eddie and Jack teaching you directly through zoom in a small class of 16. This means you can ask questions, get feedback, and get direct value from their experience.

Why are there only 16 places?

To ensure each student is able to get a bespoke teaching experience, ensure that things are correctly paced, and to make sure you get value for money, we decided very early to develop an intimate course. By limiting the class to 16 students we are able to make sure that questions can be answered in class, that you are able to interrupt and get things repeated etc. and that discussion is lively and productive.

Why is it so cheap?

We aren’t running the course to make money. We are running the course to share knowledge with you and help you develop as magicians. We chose a price we felt was reasonable but wouldn’t act as a barrier to anyone who wanted to attend. If you are struggling with the price please get in touch and we can discuss payment options as we really don’t want the price to be a barrier to entry.

Coming Soon

Level 2 Course

Coming Soon (Autumn 2021)

The level 2 course will focus on developing your close up magic at a semi-professional level. It will focus on techniques such as developing routines, effect selection, intermediate level sleights, false deals, and more advanced false shuffle techniques.

Level 3 Course

Coming Soon (Winter 2021)

Level 3 will focus on advanced card handling techniques such as full deck false table shuffles, principles such as the free cut principle, the faro placement etc., deck switches, false dealing techniques and more.

Plus more…

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